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Eralfast of the Fourth Age

Welcome to Eralfast. This site is intended for use by campaign players past and present and anyone else interested. Found within these pages are traditional as well as original player character options, including expanded race and class choices. Lists of Eralfast magic swords, native herbs, poisons, potions, unique spells and other rare magical items are explored. We love to share our story and visitors are encouraged to comment, join in, and have fun.
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Eralfast is a fantastical world filled with many wonders, mysteries, terrors and rewards. The world setting has a rich history of actual real-time table top gaming sessions over the course of about 30 years. The ‘orb’ has entered upon its Fourth Age. The Fourth Age is unique in that it arrives after the world shattering ‘Eralfast Ragnarock’ (also called The God Wars) that recently nearly destroyed the planet. All information contained on this campaign site is from the legendary Codex Suda – the compiled history of the world.

Thank you for checking this out. This is an ongoing process, and the scribe will continue to expand upon painting the picture of the Eralfast history, geography, and inhabitants.
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